We are affiliated to The Arts Society (TAS), which is now world wide having been originally founded in 1968 by Patricia Fay. Although affiliated we are autonomous and run our own programme and activities through a duly elected committee. Our objectives are to increase our knowledge of the decorative arts and play our part in preserving our great artistic heritage. This we do through monthly lectures from a wide range of well qualified experts; arranging visits to museums and great houses; playing our part in recording the structure and contents of some local Churches and by providing volunteers to assist where possible and when required with conservation in the area. We also support art education to young people through Young Arts.

Programme of Lectures

Nearly all our lecturers are TAS accredited and are experts in their fields. A wide variety of subjects are covered under the overall umbrella of “Decorative and Fine Arts. Suggestions for topics are always welcomed and can be made by contacting the Programme Secretary by e-mailing

Day Outings

We arrange regular Days Out to places of historic and cultural interest. When possible, these complement the programme of Lectures. Future and Past outings can be found in the 'Visits' page.

Enquiries about Day outings should be made to the Day Outings Organiser,

The Atkinson.

Southport's Theatre, Art Gallery, Library, Museum and Tourist Information building refurbishment was completed in 2014. Southport & Formby DFAS are working in a mutually beneficial partnership, with exclusive events for us and increased footfall and funding for The Atkinson.

To see The Atkinson’s programme search their website.  See our events at the Atkinson under Study Days .